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***Please Read! Important Announcement About Upcoming Pure Vegan Meal Delivery Schedule***

The good news is we have regular delivery and a super delicious menu coming up Sept. 15th AND I'll be offering a special meal delivery on Friday Sept. 19th! (See both menus below). The maybe not so good news is that I will then NOT be doing regular deliveries Sept. 22, 29, or October 6th. Regular Deliveries will resume Monday Oct. 13th, and then I will never leave again, ever, well ok, maybe not ever, but not for a long time! I promise!

Delivery Monday, Sept. 15th

(gluten-free week)

Panang curry with summer veggies and/or tofu

Dahl (Indian lentils)

Crunchy organic kale and quinoa salad with creamy tahini dressing

Purple pilaf with wild rice, balsamic glazed onions and roasted red cabbage

Lightly sautéed broccoli and cauliflower with turmeric and garlic

Mini Crunch Bars with Peanut Butter Shell Drizzle

*Special Delivery Menu for Friday, Sept. 19th: 

* Please place your order by Wednesday Sept. 17th, thank you! 

  • Two Quarts Red Beans with spicy Chipotle veggie sausage
  • Two Quarts Vegetable Korma (Coconut curried vegetable stew) 
  • One Veggie Pot Pie with option of seitan or tofu
  • Cost of $125 includes tax and delivery



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